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Grapes – 포도. Monday Market

Posted in Food and Drink, fruit, seasons by 노강호 on September 1, 2010

Grapes – Autumn is approaching!

With the scent of black grapes drifting on the air, you know that autumn is not to far off. Korean grapes are quite different from varieties available in Europe; the skins are much thicker and slightly chewy and often removed. The flesh is juicy and sweet and the seeds, big, crunchy and bitter. As a fruit, I certainly prefer the seedless variety but the juice of Korean grape, usually the Kyoho grape,  is ‘thicker’ and carries both the scent and taste of the grape British children will be familiar with. Personally, the smell and taste of Korean black grapes always reminds me of Pez candy, which was popular when I was a child. Korean grape  juice is  very popular as is Welch’s Grape Juice. Welch’s is an American company which  uses a variety of grape, Concord, which is similar to the Kyoho grape.

Korean black grape juice

Grapes, fat and juicy

Grapes in the shade

Remember Pez?

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