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Five Second Hanja (12) Winter – 겨울 – 동

Posted in Five Second Hanja (Theme), Korean language by 노강호 on February 7, 2011


This character, meaning ‘winter,’ comprises two parts; the lower two strokes are what is known as the ‘radical’ and in this case signify ‘ice.’ These two strokes never appear independently as they are a compression of the original. ‘Ice’ in fact, contains 5 strokes in its full form.  Radicals convey an important part of a character’s meanings and characters can be grouped according to them.

'winter' - 겨울-동

The ‘character’ above the lower two strokes, is really a pictograph which means ‘walking with legs crossed’ or ‘walking slowly.’ Together the implied meaning is ‘winter.’

winter clothes 동복

winter season 동계

Simply highlighting some of the important and simpler characters. For information on stroke order, radicals and the two elements of a character (spoken – meaning), I suggest you obtain a dictionary such as; A Guide to Korean Characters.

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