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Bratwürst and Kimchi – Fusion Kimchi

Posted in Food and Drink, Kimchi Gone Fusion, My Recipes, recipes for Kimchi by 노강호 on May 28, 2011

My local E-Mart has started selling quite decent German bratwürst and I recently tried them with kimchi. Well, bratwürst and sauerkraut is a common combination so I was thinking a spiced up version should be quite tasty. They worked well together and were okay with mustard but personally, they worked better along with a little potato salad. My kimchi is on the spicy side and the mayonnaise in the salad offsets this.

kimchi and bratwürst

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  1. wetcasements said, on May 30, 2011 at 7:58 am

    One thing I miss about Seoul are the kimchi-pork burritos from Dos Tacos.

    Also, there’s a restaurant near my current home that does a kimchi sausage platter — sausages stuffed with actual kimchi. Very tasty.

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