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Veni, vidi, discessi!

Posted in Blogging by 노강호 on February 26, 2012

proceed with caution

Well, the blog moved and then came back. ‘I came, I saw, I returned!’ Don’t believe all the crud floating around that changing platforms is easy, especially for a blogger like myself, with no technical skills. I’d prepared for the move, researched what I needed to do and talked to friends who had previously established their site within a self hosted domain.

Setting up a self hosted domain was easy and the platform was up and running within the hour, but the moment I tried to introduce a second site and my first one disappeared. Of course, the fault was mine but trawling the internet in search of a solution took the best part of a day and in the end I resolved the issue by phoning support. Naturally, my error was slight but enough to cause a breakdown.

I’ve imported and exported files within a platform on many occasions and never had a problem and all the WordPress support material I read claimed it was a simple enough task. It was, except for the fact half my media, a total of 1112 photographs failed to migrate and those that did had lost their attachments. More trawling forums revealed that those migrating from WordPress.com to self hosted WordPress.org, regularly experience this problem.  I spent an entire day exporting and importing files and eventually managed to claw back all but 998 photos. However, in the process I inadvertently imported into the site from which I was exporting. Suddenly my world was melting!

Eventually, I had migrated all missing media, some even remaining attached though the  task of reattaching over 900 photographs is lengthy and laborious. Finally, I spent most of  another day tweaking layouts and checking links and then it was time to remove the ‘under construction’ page and redirect my old site. This was no problem and once again WordPress support claimed this was unproblematic with traffic being diverted. 24 hours later, I checked my stats page to discover traffic had dropped by almost 400%. I’ve no idea if there was a problem or not and certainly couldn’t see what I did wrong but I wasn’t going to hang about waiting for a response from technical support while three years work melted. And so I re-packed my bags and headed straight back to WP.com. Yea, WP.org is far superior but I’m not risking the devastating loss of traffic. However, I have set up Kimch Gone Fusion under .org as a means of testing the water. The site is fairly new and only attracts a handful of people a day.

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