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Ssang Su Do Geom Beop 2 – Haidong Gumdo

Posted in Haidong Gumdo, Martial Arts by 노강호 on May 24, 2012

This is the second form (검법 – geom-beop) of four forms collectively known as Ssang Su Do Geom Beop (쌍수도검법). It is often referred to as ‘Do Geom Beop.’ As mentioned in the notes for the first form, the four forms are often strung together making one long pattern.

‘E chang’ (이장 – 2nd form) consists of 22 movements, including drawing and sheathing. There are 12 cuts and 1 thrust (찌르기). All the downward cuts or slashes, whether centre or to the left or right, cut through to the waist. There are five kihaps, the first, as usual, on drawing the sword, and then on all center line downward cuts (정면내려베기 – cheong-myeon naeryeo begi) and on the single thrust (jirugi – 찌르기).

This form introduces a turn with a defensive position which appears again in the third form but on the opposing side. This is a difficult technique and requires much practice to perform with ‘good form.’ Like forms in other martial arts, there are nuances and subtleties which go beyond the positions themselves and which vary from school to school and from individual to individual. Such subtleties and nuances mark a mediocre performance from an advanced one and are something I wish to return to in later posts when I have a better grasp of the fundamentals and have developed a ‘feel’ for individual patterns.

I often find myself watching my teacher’s performances repeatedly and perceive much in common between his performances of a sword pattern and a piece of music performed by an accomplished musician; cadence, speed, timing, posture, focus, power, precision, balance, tension and relaxation, and more, are all aspects to be considered and nurtured in bringing a performance ‘to life’ and investing it with emotional qualities.

Ssang-su-do-keom-beo 2:

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Ssang Su Do Geom Beop 1


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