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Winter Returns to Daegu

Posted in Daegu, Diary notes, seasons by 노강호 on March 7, 2010

Top of Apsan Mountain (앞산)

Just when you thought it was safe to ditch the duck down thermal anorak, and winter suddenly reappears. After several afternoons with spring in the air, Sunday morning saw Apsan Mountain, Daegu, dusted in snow. So, after an invigorating bowl of chicken and ginseng soup, we took the cable car to one of Apsan’s summits. It was freezing with icy patches underfoot and a wind that stung the ears. Icicles hung from the summit buildings and surrounding trees were covered in a powdery snow.


Daegu and even much of the lower mountain however, remained spring-like, if not a little cold.

When the sun rose on Thursday morning, most of the city was under snow. Unlike England however, the buses were all running and no schools closed.

Close to Mega Town, Song-So

A Small park

Through the trees

By mid-morning the world was slushy!


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