Elwood 5566

Bathhouse Ballads Podcasts

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Collected Podcasts from when Elwood 5566 appeared under the name, Bathhouse Ballads

02.Definitely Ji Ji: Dec 2009

03. Sanitized Santa: Dec 2009

04. Am I Really That Dumb? March 2010

05. The Last Taboo: March 2010

06. Safe and Sound: March 23 2010

07. Bathhouses are Gay: March 2010

08. Clean Them Teeth: April 1st 2010

09. Ten Tips for Taking the Plunge: April 4th 2010

10. It’s All in the Touch – Skinship: April 10th 2010

11. All or Nothing:  April 17th 2010

12. I Saw a Snood: April 18th 2010

13. Want to See my Boxers? April 20th 2010

14. Coughing One Up: April 23rd 2010

15. Sausages and Shit: April 30th 2010

70. I Would have Played Hooky, but…: February 16th 2011

71. Death Could Hardly Taste Fresher: February 18th 2011

72. In the Days When Google was Gobble Dee Gook: February 23rd 2011

73. Sucking a Crystal Failed to Realign my Wonky Teeth: February 27th 2011

74. A Tale of Philosophers and Carrots: March 3rd 2011

75. Pray it’s a Foreigner Serving Your High Tea: March 15th 2011

76. Finding a Pathology to Fit the Procedure: March 24th 2011

77. I Don’t Mind Fat People: March 29th 2011

78. Castrated Cake and Bollockless Beer: April 1st 2011

79. Outed by the Makalli: April 14th 2011

80. EPIK Helped Kill the Korean Experience: April 29th 2011

81. Seduced by a Guatemalan Beauty: May 10th 2011

82. Bathhouse Intimacy – Fathers and Sons: May 26th 2011

83. Who’s Pissing in the Pool? June 4th 2011

84. Where Nature Fills the Air: June 17th 2011

85. Looking Waeg With Mobile: June 27th 2011

86. When Weird in Normal: July 5th 2011

87. A Bar of Soap and Korean Hierarchical Collectivism

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© 林東哲 2010 Creative Commons Licence.

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  1. Hamish Nelson said, on October 7, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    I’m loving this idea…. keep them up!

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