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Want to see my Boxers?

Posted in bathhouse Ballads, Comparative, Daegu, Korean Clothes by 노강호 on April 21, 2010

My former boxers. If young and lithe they might be sexy but on me they pose a scary sight!

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I have a fat arse and in the UK, unlike the USA or places like North or Southern Germany, if you are tall (over 6’3), and bulky (waist over 40 inches), you can say goodbye to ever dressing decently. I’m certainly no fashion guru but then I have an excuse!  Britain is so backward in so many ways and probably the worst dressed nation in the developed world. If I had to rank them,  it would be marginally above the naff fashions of Poland and those from the former East Germany. Shortly after arriving home last Christmas, I was confronted on tubes and buses by a sea of black, browns and depressing drabby colours.

For years I’ve had to cut sleeves off my shirts. If I can buy a shirt that fits,  it hasn’t been made for a tall person who is big, but  a short guy who is mega fat. Most shirts and jackets I buy in the UK have cuffs that end just below my elbows which if I recall correctly, is reminiscent of both 80’s fashion, where  men’s short sleeves were  accompanied with a handbag, and the character Nik Nak from Man with a Golden Gun. Trousers are never over 34 inches in the inside leg unless you’re atrophied and like a chopstick and conversely, if you have the girth of an elephant but legs not much longer than those of a chair, the choice is unlimited. Meanwhile, if you’re fat and tall, you’re fucked!

Britain has a knack for giving outsize clothing shops bad names. I’m not surprised most establishments are internet based as the shame of entering them  forces you never to leave  home. Who wants to shop for fashion at a shop called ‘Mr Big,’ or ‘Fat Man?’ I usually refer to such shops as ‘freak shops,’ because in terms of store name , quality, and actually  design, Alla Poland, only a freak in desperation would wear such products.

My British made (off the peg) bag blazer, costing 477.000Won (£280) Pure shite quality!

Shortly before coming out to Korea in 2007, I bought a sports jacket at a freak shop outside London. To be honest, it is probably the most decent and respectable outsize clothing shop I have seen in the UK. The round trip tallied 2oo miles and I paid the price for the privilege of being large. The last pair of trousers I bought here, prior to my first visit to Korea, cost £80 sterling (137.000W)  and lasted a year. The quality was shit and they were shapeless and style-less and wearing them was one step up from dressing in a cloth bag. That year I had three pairs of trousers made by a friend in Daegu, each cost me 80.000Won, which then amounted to around £40 (about £46 today). Indeed, I am about to wear one of the pairs this very moment – nine years later.  My jacket, cost £280 sterling which as of today is a staggering 477.000 Won. I’ve only worn it in Spring and Autumn and then, only to go to and from work, so it hasn’t had a lot of use. However, I’ve just had to have repairs made to the lining which has come apart (cost 8000W or £4.70). A few years ago, when in the UK, I inquired about having a pair of trouser made by a ‘bespoke tailor,’ probably not the cheapest place to go, he quoted me £300 (512.000Won).

Here in Korea, there is no way any shop will stock clothes or shoes that would fit me but with Daegu as one of the world’s leading textiles centers and an abundance of reasonably priced tailors, getting something made to measure is easy. As a fat arse in Britain you’re treated to limited range of choices when you buy boxer shorts. The only option for purchase is via an online freak shop and the choices of colours, usually black, gray, white or blue with a little variation in terms of check, stripes or plain. So it was an amazing experience for me to shop at Daegu’s main textile market and chose patterns for my new boxers.

Silk boxer shorts? Cotton? Linen? Even plastic, the choice was mine!

I eventually had a tailor make me a few pairs and have since built my collection to twenty. The overall cost of each, including the material, works out at about  22.000Won (£12.50). While this is expensive for a pair of boxers, it is substantially cheaper than ordering a pair from hand-made boxer companies in the US and of course, I’ve selected the material. Needless to say, on my visits to the bathhouse, I now strut about proudly in my lovely array of  boxers. But I haven’t discarded my threadbare old ones. Loathe to wear my new ones in which to exercise, I wear them on the treadmill where the worn material and disintegrated gussets provide ample ventilation for my nether regions.


Luxury that only a fatty would appreciate

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  1. Fiona said, on April 22, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    Maybe you should set up an orderline. I am sure people with the same size arse and have experienced a disintegrating gusset will only be too pleased to send you their orders!!

  2. Amanda said, on December 7, 2010 at 6:18 am

    Hey just passing thru and saw this post. I am a female, but interested in getting a tailor-made coat. How/where did you find your tailor? Would you recommend him?
    If you have any advice, it would be helpful!

    • Nick said, on December 7, 2010 at 12:30 pm

      Amanda, I used a local tailor in Song-So, Daegu. There are plenty of them around. If you live in Daegu I will provide wikimap details though you could probably find just as competent tailor in your area. If you want the address of my tailor respond here and I will put a link on the relevant post for you. Thanks for the visit.

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