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Posted in Korean language, Photo diary by 노강호 on April 22, 2010

'Homemade riceball and beef on the ricel.'

I don’t know if a term has already been coined or if indeed there is a name, for the blending of Konglish with bad English. I am going to call it ‘Kongrish’ and below are some of the examples I’ve collected. I wish I’d had a camera for some of the ‘classics,’ just to have substantiated their validity.

Kongrish Around Song-So, Daegu

‘Hair Deciener Shop’

‘Twin Twon Coffee Shop.’ I assume this is meant to read, ‘Twin Town.’

‘Shitty Pizza.’ This has to be one of my favourites!

There was  also a boy in one of my classes who wore a t-shirt on which there was a large ‘20’ under which was written, ‘Sporty, Young and Milky.’

‘Kolon Sports’ – on a hakkwon bus.

‘I’ve got a loaf of strawberries’ – This was on scratch and sniff notebook.

‘Every morning of sun shine glowing warm shafts upon us’ – I wish something ‘sporty, young and milky’ would ‘shaft’ upon me some morning!

The following was from a packet of smoked salmon bought in E Mart:

‘Around June to September, in a something sun, 3-5 year old well-grown salmon that have brilliant gesture and swim through sea and river along the blue and dear coast of the Pacific Ocean have very good quality of flesh and taste so good and have got praised as food of low-calorie. More than one century salmon has got praise of epicures all over the world. Salmon taste from soft to strong with many nutrients and special pink colour flesh create fantastic mood and taste.’ Classic!

And though there’s no errors with this one, it appeals to my childish humour:

'Hotel Venus,' except 'Venus' is pronounced 'Penus--uh'. Also the name of a popular lingerie shop.

This one was taken this year

A bar, not too far from Lotte Cinema, Song-So. 'Skewer is a Speciality?'

This one is from Cheonan – just amusing!

A pork restaurant

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