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White Day March 14th (회이트데이)

Posted in Diary notes by 노강호 on March 12, 2010

March 14th,  White Day, is when men who were given Valentines gifts on February 14th (Red Day), reciprocate, usually with gifts of chocolate, white lingerie or other presents. Like many of the silly days we celebrate around the world, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, for example, White Day is a fairly recent invention, not as usual  an innovation by  a card company, but by a confectioners based in Fukouka, Japan which launched the first White Day in 1978. For saddo men, myself included, April 14th, Black Day, is the day to ‘celebrate’  being sad  and single. Considering the animosity many Koreans express for Japanese history, if not Japanese people, I am surprised White Day has become so popular. Although it might not manifest itself in a significant way, even the small store near my apartment has appropriate gifts and I have seen several market stalls this week selling various chocolate items. So, like Valentines Day, for me at least, White Day passed by almost unnoticed.

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