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Beyond the Blog – 'Roketship'

Posted in Blogging by 노강호 on May 6, 2010

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No, it’s not a spelling mistake! It’s ‘ROK’ as in Republic of Korea! When you get bored of Bogland  and just want to look  at pictures, try  Roketship . Here you will find  a refreshing and highly amusing cartoon blog on life in Korea. I’m quite jealous of a cartoonist’s ability to elicit a response to some ‘idea, in so little space and in such a minimal manner. Often a cartoon provides more impact than words.  It”s for this reason you can buy comic books explaining the theories of Nietzsche, pronounced ‘Nietzsch-iiiii ‘if you’re from the US,  or  similarly didactic comics on Marx or Hegel. I’m sure if I searched I could find such resources on Brain Surgery and Nuclear Physics. Now you can gain a sense of Korean life as experienced by the foreigner on ‘planet Korea’ without ever having to leave  your hometown. Let me assure you that from a cultural point of view,  Roketship is more informative than many travel guides.

However, you interaction will be enhanced if you have actually lived in Korea and  even if your sojourn has  been relatively short, you will find the cartoons encapsulate some of your experiences. My one criticism, I couldn’t find any turds, you know the whippy-whirly ones which quite fascinate me and always make me hungry.

Seriously, this site makes a complete change from the reams of crap that float about in Bogland.

Courtesy of Roketship

Courtesy of Roketship


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  1. Hamish Nelson said, on May 7, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    I got a link to this just the other day and love it. It’s amazing how true these cartoons are. While some who see them will be shocked, most just show everyday life here.

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