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What Character is That? Hanja Resource. 한자

Posted in Korean language by 노강호 on May 20, 2010


A useful resource

Whilst not a book on hanja, What Character is that? An Easy-Access Dictionary of 5000 Chinese Characters, is certainly useful to fill in the all too frequent gaps that occur studying hanja on your own. I have found this book illuminating for background information on Chinese characters as well as useful for little interesting snippets it provides on individual characters all of which can be vital as an aide to remembering them. Although the book is supposed to be easy to use, I’ve never quite mastered it, but as my needs are different to someone studying Pinyin Chinese, I haven’t found this a problem. I tend to delve in and out of the book and most useful is the section on radicals. Though the book is solely in English, I have still found it useful in the small array of tools necessary to study and clarify the meaning of hanja characters.

Counting the strokes

Identification by radical

Sorry for the poor quality photos.

Written by – Ping-gam Go

Simplex Publications. 1995

ISBN – 0-9623113-5-9-

Barnes and Noble Link

Simplex Publications http://www.simplexpublications.com

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