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Oriental/Japanese Apricot (매실. 梅實) Prunus Mume, and some uses

Posted in fruit, seasons by 노강호 on June 13, 2010
Oriental Apricot/plum (매실)

June, and Japanese Apricot is available in the street markets and in supermarkets. A very large bagful costs about 20.000 Won (£10) and in E-Marte 1-5 kg costs 7.500 Won. The apricot (매실) appears across Asia and is used as a delicious sweet drink, flavours various alcoholic drinks most notably plum wine,  it can be pickled or salted,in China it is used in the making of plum sauce and it is also made into a tea. It has plummy-almondy taste. The juice is also common as a household remedy for an upset stomach.

Around 20000 Won a bag
Non alcoholic but delicious

Making either Japanese Apricot juice or alcohol is straight forward. For juice, simply put the fruit into a container with the equivalent weight of sugar. Do exactly the same for the alcoholic version except cover it with soju. The sealed container should then be stored for 3 months.

Pretty boring in this condition
Homemade alcohol and juice

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