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Dream Sauna, Daegu, Yong San Dong (드림)

Dream Sauna (드림)

First visited in July 2010. Last visit 6th May 2011. Dream Sauna is a  smallish bathhouse in Yong San Dong (용산동), Daegu and is a five-minute bus ride from Song-So, Mega Town where the Lotte Cinema Complex is. Since my last visit there seems to have been a few changes and I found more to appreciate than on my first visit.

The bathing facilities are modern and clean with a large cold pool, large warm pool and smaller hot and ‘event’ pools. The saunas include a steam room, pine sauna and a yellow mud sauna (황토방) with a charcoal wall, interesting art work and a resident television. The salt room (소금방) is fantastic as the salt is ankle deep on the floor and at first you think you’re entering a room of snow. You can even lay in it though the room is not specifically designed for this. The salt ‘font’ and seats have all been decorated to look like they are encrusted in rock salt. Quite an enchanting room. The salt sauna houses the television which can also be viewed from two other sauna rooms.

The large cold  pool, beside a small jade, ondol sleeping area, has tiled artwork of dolphins above which three windows with colourful ocean scenes, are illuminated by sunlight. The smaller windows down the side of the bathhouse have floral designs. With bright tiling, the ambiance is light and roomy and a contrast to the black marble of  Hwang So.


Dream Sauna - Bathhouse design (male)

The bathhouse: has a large rectangular changing area with a small recess containing a television and sofas for relaxation. There are around twenty sit down shower units and a bout the same number stand up showers. Shoe shine and a barber are on site.

Cost: 4000 Won

Location: This is very easy to find as the sauna is right next to Tesco Home Plus in Yong San Dong. If you come out of Home Plus and turn left, you will find Dream Sauna less than 3 minutes walk on the left hand side. There is a large opening on the ground floor with a sign over it and the ticket booth is in the lobby. (Wikimapia Link)

Ambience – bright, very clean bathhouse.

Waygukin – none but only my second visit.

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© 林東哲 2010 Creative Commons Licence.


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  1. Rob Ludwiczak said, on June 19, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Where is this located? Can you send me directions so I can show a taxi driver. Or just walk from Daegu train station?


    My Email:


    • 林東哲 said, on June 19, 2011 at 12:16 pm

      Rob, use the Wikimapia link embedded in the in the post under ‘Location.’ Your don’t need a taxi as it is only a minutes walk from Tesco Home Plus, where Yong San Dong subway station is and against the flow of traffic. Basically, come out Home Plus, turn left and walk. Take a look at the photo to familiarise yourself with the building if you don’t read Korean. And don’t forget to add some feed back after your visit. thanks


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