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Posted in Comparative, Westerners by 노강호 on August 29, 2010

My post: Boring Boryeong was in the pipeline for almost 3 weeks and I hesitated to publish it as I wasn’t sure if the lack of communication I have in Korea with other waygukin was something to do with me. Then I read a post in Hamish Nelson’s, Bongdam South Korea and I realise other waygukins notice it as well. For all the interaction I have with fellow westerners, I might as well be back in Britain because you are ignored there, too, except back home you expect it! When you only pass a couple of westerners a day, a little politeness would be friendly. The irony is that often when I do get an unfriendly waygukin to speak, they then moan to me about how unfriendly Korean culture is….boh-hoo-hoo, wanker! Go home!

I am now going to add links to any posts here, which deal with the subject of unfriendly westerners.

Thanks Hamish! Your post is first! I will now hit the publish key!


The Supplanter – Sept 2010

Bongdam South Korea

Link to Roketship


 Roketship is an excellent source of humour on the experiences of living and working in Korea.

Prestige Korea . Don’t Greet Other Foreigners on the Street

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  1. Hamish Nelson said, on August 29, 2010 at 6:51 am

    Cheers man. I’ll be interested to find out how many other foreigners feel this way.

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