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Posted in No Pumpkin Category by 노강호 on December 7, 2010

I have actually removed the ‘Pumpkin Logo’ from relevant posts partly as I realise those that do take objection are usually just trolling.  However, I’m leaving this post up should I ever have to refer a reader to it.

I am about to post a series of articles on bathhouses which will contain the often used ‘not suitable for pumpkin people,’ logo. You can access the rationale behind this logo via the link.

Not suitable for Pumpkin People

This logo will at times appear to warn away pumpkin people. The world’s dominated by dumb-asses and some visit here. Just to set the record straight, this is a blog predominantly about bathhouse and jjimjilbang culture in South Korea as well as about other observations on Korean, and sometimes western culture.

Writing about bathhouse culture necessitates writing about bathhouses, gender and the observations I  experience therein so, for the dumb-asses who put pen to paper under the maxim of Sydney Smith:

‘I never read a ‘blog’ (book) before writing a review – it prejudices one so’

Let me help you:

This is not a ‘gay blog’ though it may be of interest to people of any sexual orientation

It is not a blog about ‘kiddies’

The content should not imply I am ‘gay’ any more than my observations about insects should assume I am an entomologist.

If the word ‘boy’ appears within a post containing a word for the male genitalia, do not jump to the dumb-assumption I am a pervert. That I am male and use  the appropriate section for bathing means I am more likely to use the words ‘man’ and ‘boy’, rather than ‘woman’ or ‘girl.’ This has nothing to do with my sexuality and I would love to be able to access the female section.

If you find the concept of ‘skinship’ repulsive, no problem, but what do you expect to find in a blog about bathhouses and Korean culture? Skinship is an integral part of Korean gender and as someone interested in sociology, I would be amiss to ignore it.

I prefer Korean ‘masculinity’ to western masculinity which is one reason I live in Korea. I’m not into macho shit or being aggressive despite being an ex-soldier of 15 years service and a taekwon-do instructor who at one time was a competent martial artist. Korea is safer and teaching Korean students does not involve the psychological and physical abuse it often does in Scumland UK and other western countries.

I write about a lot more than bathhouses

This blog is not written for expats though they too, may also find it interesting

The opinions contained within are not the utterances of the Delphic Oracle and are simply my opinions.

If you are a pumpkin and leave a pumpkin comment I probably won’t publish it. I am interested in and welcome educated and thoughtful responses, even if they are contrary to my own and especially ones with some sociological insight.

Sorry for the male bias, but Korean bathhouses are segregated!

Creative Commons License

© 林東哲 2010 Creative Commons Licence.


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