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The Ice Cream Store – Calgary

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Sometime in the mid 1980’s we went to Calgary and stayed at a barracks in Calgary itself, as opposed Medicine Hat. We may have stayed in both locations, I’m not sure but we certainly stayed in a large barracks from which it was easy to get to town. A 15 minute or so walk from the barracks and there was an ice cream shop which sold the most amazing homemade ice-cream.

Calagary (198?) Eddy, Chris Wilkie, Lofty Elwood, Pete Middleton, Taff Coleman

This photo was passed to Facebook via ‘Smithy’ though I’m not sure if he took it. Those shorts certainly look severe and in the photo, far left, is Eddy. I’m sure Eddy wouldn’t mind me saying, but he was a man of contrasts; not the best looking of guys, in my  opinion but seemingly gifted with a golden tongue that could enamor him to the most beautiful of women – often in droves. And could he waffle!!!

Eddy could never control his spending and had blown all his money within a few days of arriving in Canada. Mick gave me a loan on his behalf and I had to accompany him to meals and pay from his ‘allowance’ and each day I had to give him pocket money. This forced Eddy into the role of a sort of prostitute and for the duration of the tour he would clean your boots, iron your tights and do almost any other job  to earn your loose change. Poor Eddy! We quite took advantage of his poverty and I can vaguely recall we made him do some shit jobs, not out of necessity but for entertainment. I can’t exactly recall , but I have a feeling Phil Watson was behind one or two. I remember Eddy would go to the PX, which was probably a 20 minute excursion in the heat of a prairie summer, to buy us coke or snacks and we would let him keep the change . So, one of our nasty entertainments was to compile a shopping list which left the most meager amount of change, and I mean like 10 cents, and see if he would go and get it – and poor Eddy would. And if that wasn’t humiliating enough, I remember Phil making him clean his boots as he lay on the bed wearing them.

This then reminds me of the night club I went into, when he was broke, and where he had meet a woman and temporarily moved in with her. She was an older woman and completely in love with ugly, no money Eddy. I recall we went back to her apartment where Eddy had made friends with her rather nasty cat – but that’s another story.

Can you add any more information or clarify anything which I can assimilate?

What was Eddy’s name?

Any details on him?


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  1. Gunter Nielsen said, on December 11, 2010 at 4:31 am

    Eddie Walker (affectionately known as Razor Eddie) Will never forget the time he asked to use some of my toothpaste and then waited for me to finish brushing my teeth so that he could use my toothbrush too. Quite a character. After I returned from my stint at the Crotchet Factory, Eddie had disappeared and I have no idea what became of him.

  2. skinsband said, on March 3, 2011 at 1:19 am

    Did he used to clean his teeth??? They look like they’d been ravaged by a pair of pliers and a hammer.

  3. Dave Smith said, on October 18, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    This Photo was taken outside the Dairy Queen, which was a five minute walk from the Barracks occupied by Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, just off the Crowchild Trail in Calgary in July 1984. When I first heard that ‘Razor Eddie’ was coming to the Band I thought he had probably earned his nickname through being some kind of hard man. The truth was that just like his toothbrush, he borrowed other peoples spent Bic razors and left his face looking like a war zone after every shave! He came to the Band mainly to add his incredible Irish brogue to the Dance Band, and to be fair, he was a hell of a singer! I often wonder how he survived in civvy street.

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