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Bathhouse Ballads at Facebook

Posted in Blogging, Uncategorized by 노강호 on December 10, 2010

Bathhouse Ballads at Facebook

I’ve gradually learnt how to manipulate stuff around Facebook. All posts are now added to the Bathhouse Ballads at Facebook. Use the link in the side bar on the right, or click the icon above, to enter  Facebook site where you can follow posts.

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  1. Jose said, on February 10, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    I find it esiear to be a one-note writer, as I find Korea to be complex enough that as a single writer (and a poor one at that), I find I can’t find nearly the time to write about everything I’d like about the country. I end up sticking with politics, which is interesting enough (for me, anyway), but there’s much more to Korea than politics, and focusing on politics alone can give people are rather screwed up impression of a country, regardless of which nation’s politics are being covered.As far as being insular, obviously you’re right, although I gather from expat blogs in other countries that this is the case in places like China and Hong Kong. Frankly, I’d like to start linking to Korean-language webloggers (who, by nature of being Korean, obviously understand the country much more so than myself), but since most of my readers are English-speakers, I’d have to do a lot more translation. Unfortunately, translation is what I do all day for a job, so once I get home and start blogging, I get a little lazy.Anyway, if you could offer some suggests for breaking the proverbial circle-jerk, I’d really appreciate them.Thanks, Steve

    • 努江虎-노강호 said, on February 12, 2012 at 11:49 am

      Yes, writing can be incredibly time consuming. As for your comment about Korean-language bloggers, sometimes it takes someone from outside the culture to notice things that natives take for-granted. I’m not saying I achieve this by any means. One of the best books on British culture is written by an American and conversely, one of the best critics on American culture was British born Alistair Cooke. No suggestions on breaking the circle jerk – just enjoy it!

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