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Yellow Curd (노랑 묵) – Monday Market

Posted in Regionalism by 노강호 on January 28, 2011

Yellow curd, made from mung beans

I wrote about the standard curds, oak, back wheat, etc, last year. However, there are a number of other curds which you will often find and this one is a regional variety from the Cheolla province. Yellow Curd (노랑 묵), is also known as: mung bean curd, and honeybee curd (황보 묵) and is especially noticeable because of  its bright yellow colour.  It is an important ingredient in the Cheolla regional bibimbap (mixed rice).

Cheolla bibimbap (mixed rice)

yellow curd accompanied with typical soy based sauce

In Daegu, this curd isn’t easily found but occasionally appears, sold by ‘specialist’ street vendors who do not tend to appear on a regular basis.


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