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It’s Kimchi Time – April 26th 2011

Posted in Food and Drink, it's kimchi time by 노강호 on April 26, 2011

This batch of kimchi turned out to be a further improvement on my technique. My cabbages were large and I have since been told that the best cabbages are not the largest, but ideally more middle sized ones.

3 large Chinese leaf cabbages (Napa)

washing the cabbages

Preparation –  Unless the outer leaves are very damaged or spoiled, keep them as they are excellent for use in bean paste soup and numerous other recipes.

slightly damaged leaves can be kept for other uses

Salting – The salting process was very speedy, perhaps three of four hours after-which the cabbages had reduced by almost half, become rag-like and capable of being wrung without tearing. Coarse salt (굵은 소금) is vital and sea salt the most preferable as table salt is ineffective in wilting the cabbages.This brand of salt has currently been the most effective.

if the right type of salt isn’t used wilting won’t occur

table salt is ineffective

coarse salt is best, preferably sea salt

the leaves after salting

in successful wilting there is around a 50% reduction in bulk

wilted – floppy and rag, like, can be bent without breaking, can be wrung like a dish-cloth

Pasting – I usually add ginger but decide to omit it from this batch. Further, I reduced the amount of down to 2 cups but I feel this is still too hot. When I later made bo-ssam kimchi, I decided that one cup for two fairly large cabbages was still a little to hot and intend reducing it a little more.

the paste ready to go

pasting the segments

ready to ‘pack’

For the most up to date and effective recipe for Kimchi, check My Recipes.

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