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Senior Citizens’ ‘Street Party’

Posted in Diary notes, Entertainment, Photo diary, video clips by 노강호 on May 24, 2011

dancing to traditional ‘trot’

Last Saturday, as I was returning home from an outing I heard the sound of gongs and drums and walking down to the small park near my ‘one room,’ where an old peoples facility house is located (이곡경로당), discovered the old folks in the area where having a street party. In the middle of the small park a television screen had been set up and a small group were in the throes of a trot-style (트로트) karaoke session. One the periphery another group were busy accompanying the singing with an assortments of gongs and drums usually associated with traditional music such as pungmul nori (풍물놀이 and samul nori (사물놀이). Meanwhile, others were dancing in the style typical senior citizens. And the soju and makgeolli were flowing freely…

belting one out

as I sat watching, a tray of snacks was brought to my seat

a passing boy joins in…

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© 林東哲 2011 Creative Commons Licence.


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