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Demise of Kim Chong-il

Posted in North Korea, Politics by 노강호 on December 25, 2011

Kim Chong-il lying in state

I was sat on a cycle machine in Migwang where I train on an almost daily basis. As the sound from the TV screen was off and my earphones unplugged, I watched a montage of images concerning Kim Chong-il. It was only when I noticed the term ‘sa-mang’ (사망) that I realised he was dead. I confirmed his demise with a student sat on a cycle next to me and I was a little surprised that his death didn’t cause more of an emotional response. With the high school exams (수능) finished, third year students end school in the late morning and the gym has been quite busy with skinny lads who work out with micro-lite weights and then compare their chopstick biceps. Despite almost every TV screen in the gym devoted to Kim Chong-il, and there are 25, one on every treadmill, there was no emotional response to the event and the atmosphere was no different to that of any other morning.  Even in my classes reactions were subdued. In North Korea however, emotions ran high.

North Koreans respond to news of Kim Chong-il’s death


Reactions from workers 

Spot the guys laughing between 3-9 seconds and at 26 seconds. They look delirious!

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