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‘Korean Boy’ – You’re Brilliant!

Posted in Entertainment by 노강호 on April 15, 2012

‘Korea Boy’s’ (Dong Won-kim) cover version of Maria Carey’s, Touch My Body, went ‘viral’ on Youtube in October 2008. Yea, it’s old news but only having recently discovered him, I decided he needed a post.

Here’s a sample…

I’m sorry, I find the translations funny and yes! I know it’s politically incorrect but when the person adding the translations isn’t extensively elaborating, it’s amusing and I’m afraid the reality is this is how some Koreans render their ‘Engrish.’

Despite the attempts to ridicule Korean Boy’s pronunciation, the fact is his diction is often clearer than that of some native speakers and besides, the lyrics of most pop song are meaningless anyway.  This guy clearly loves to perform, is incredibly at ease doing so and watching his video you feel his passion. As for his singing, I doubt many of the ‘haters’ who’ve commented on Youtube could match his range and stay pretty well in tune at the same time.

After a chuckle reading the sometimes exaggerated translation, I have found myself simply listening to Korean Boys singing as background music and without reading the lyrics to distract one from what is basically an excellent musical performance. Dong Won-kim,  I admire you  – ‘Fighting!”

An unadulterated version from Dong Won-kim’s Youtube

Creative Commons License
©Bathhouse Ballads –  努江虎 – 노강호 2012 Creative Commons Licence.



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