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Rubbish on the Streets but no Tweeny Slags

Posted in Comparative, Korean children by 노강호 on May 29, 2012

Friday evening, 8 pm, and I’m walking home from work. Adjacent to me are two school boys aged around 15. They’re eating either ddokpoki or fried chicken gizzards from a cups, each boy armed with a wooden skewer on which to spear whatever it is they are eating. Finished, they simply drop the cups and skewers on the pavement; there’s no guilt or scanning the street for potentially disapproving citizens because in Korea discarding your litter on the pavement is acceptable. A few moments later, one of the boys glances over his shoulder and notices I am a foreigner, our eyes connect and I mutter something to the effect of ‘bad students!.’ I love the way Korean kids respond to being addressed as a  ‘student’ and the way that it takes precedent over any other labels such as ‘teenager’ or ‘boy’ or ‘girl.’ I find ‘teenager’ such as vacuous label and one largely commercial in origin and the equivalent to being labelled a ‘consumer.’

I’m waiting for some form of verbal challenge and am about to add how Korean streets are dirty but the boy totally disarms me. ‘I’m sorry,’ he says in English as he waves with one of those camp Korean waves that emanate solely from the wrist. As one of the boys turns back to reclaim their rubbish, I turn a corner. With some cars between us, the boys are unsure where I’ve gone. I watch carefully because I’m expecting them to simply chuck the rubbish back on the pavement once they think I’ve disappeared – that’s been my experience of similar confrontations in the UK. However, dutifully, the boy finds a rubbish bag on the side of the pavement and discards it therein.

I continue walking until I’m back in their line of view upon which both boys wave at me, smile and reiterate their apologies. God! I lover Korea! It’s this kind of behaviour that makes it difficult for me to return home.

start of a short rant…

I’m sorry, but back in the UK a high percentage of scum, anti-social kids simply couldn’t be called to order by a caring citizen without hurling back some form of abuse, or even violence. Indeed, a great many parents, all scum, would berate the adult telling their vile brat what they shouldn’t do. Poor old Britain is broke and despite the street parties and revelry currently being dutifully performed in order to celebrate our archaic Teutonic monarchy, it’s a dirty, violent, backward and boring nation. If you mention how rotten Britain is to many Brits they get upset or go into denial. I can understand this stance because if you live in shit you don’t want your face rubbed in it. Thank God Britain is class riddled because at least there are some enclaves where decency pervades. It’s a known fact that hoodlum kids don’t loiter where Mozart is played. But you can’t mention this either as Brits don’t like reminding how divided and unequal their society is and PC-ism with all its guff about how we are all equal is the ruling mantra. Ahhh! I’m ranting. Oh, and in Korea, there’s not a tweeny slag in sight and certainly no shop selling the Devil’s Panties (ie, thongs), or pole Dancing kits to pre-pubescent girls. More examples of British degeneracy!

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  1. Alex said, on June 4, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Good to hear a story like that sometimes. I’m reminded of why I love Korea too ^_^

  2. 努江虎-노강호 said, on July 14, 2012 at 2:18 am

    Nice to have feed back on such posts. Yesterday I received the most hateful barrage of comments from someone who accused me of being a misogynist, fat-basher and classicist – they then proceeded to tell me I was fat, looked like I was 70, was a cocksucker and liked children. They actually preceded all this by saying I was hypocritical. And to top it all, they had spent time honouring me by opening an e-mail address behind which they could hide. Thanks.

  3. Bianca the Skydiver said, on August 3, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Classicist? Is that bad? Did they mean to say Classist? Interesting comment I thought about there at least being some decency with England’s class structure. Or maybe it’s just better when chavs aren’t around and someone can string a few sentences together. I hate the snarliness of chavs, not that I much like the passive-aggressiveness and persistent sarcasm of ahem, better people in the UK, which does stand out to me as a kiwi even though my parents are Brits. Just smacks of non-egalitarianism. We are all equal, given half a chance. If you get your chance and persist with being a dick , well, tough, it’s up to you to change or you’re going to be a fucking chav in my eyes and you need Jeremy Kyle clearance. And for gods sake, put some pants on your children. See through black tights ain’t enough!
    Ah, does make a person rant!
    BTW-do you know if there is any interest to make Kendo/ Kumdo an Olympic sport by the relevant bodies?

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