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Monday Market – Crunchy Crab (방게조림)

Posted in fish, Food and Drink, Quintesentially Korean by 노강호 on April 20, 2011

the bang-gae is a small type of crab (방게) Click photo for source link

Whenever I eat this, which is almost everyday, I am reminded of the kind of oral sensation you might experience if you ate a handful of cockroaches. However, despite the fact a portion of bang-gae cho-rim (방게조림) consists of numerous disengaged  legs, claws and bodies in a thick spicy coating, they are quite delicious.   Cho-rim is a type of side dish which is prepared by boiling ingredients in soy sauce. While the bodies are somewhat soft, the legs and claws are crunchy and because they are spikey and sometimes sharp, need to be eaten with a little care.

un-cooked bang-gae

legless bang-gae

fresh from the market

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