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Korean Teas – Cassia Tora Linne (결명자차)

Posted in tea (cereal, herb) by 노강호 on September 15, 2010

with a fruity, sweet aroma

Specifics: Cassia Tora Linne  / cassia obtusifolia linne  Senna obtusifolia (Chinese Senna or Sicklepod) 決明子茶. Made from roasted seeds.

Personally, I prefer this tea chilled when it is very refreshing with a fruity, sweet aroma. The taste is slightly dark with the very slightest bitterness in the back ground. The fruity taste, quite distinct and pleasant, resembles lychee and this remains for quite a while, as an after taste.

Cassia Tora Linne (결명자)

The plant is a legume and resembles the ground nut with yellow buttercup-like flowers. The plant has some medicinal uses such as combating ringworm and also has laxative properties. However, drinking the commercial tea won’t leave you running for the loo.

Tea bags are readily available in places like E-marte where I have uses between 2 and 3 large tea bags per 3 liters of water.

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