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If I Knew Your Name I’d Write it in Red!

Posted in customs by 노강호 on May 19, 2011

In my endevours to lose weight and get fitter, I rarely drink alcohol and eat sam-kyeop sal (삼겹살) only a couple of times a year. Last weekend, I went to a restaurant near my ‘one room’ to enjoy both and the evening was ruined by a bunch of wankers sat behind us. One man got so pissed he started a punch up, (if you could call it that), with another person at his table. In the event of trying to stop the fighting my friend had his glasses broken. Then, just as the police arrived, the idiot starts attacking another person at his table. Like most Korean fights, it was lame, laughable and ‘pussy,’ with the men patting each other rather than smashing bottles in faces, which is fantastic as real aggression is repugnant. However, it ruined our evening as Ji-won had to go to the police station in order to get compensated.

If I knew you’re name I’d write it in red!

In Korea, writing someone’s name in red is very unlucky and is only done after someone has died.

After-note: Ji-won sustained no injury other than the arm of his glasses being broken – he was compensated by 400.000 Won (£200)!

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