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Monday Market – Spicy Crab (양념게장)

Posted in fish, Food and Drink, Monday Market (Theme) by 노강호 on May 3, 2011

Yang-nyeom gejang  (양념게장), is basically raw crab marinated in a chilli condiment. There are many regional variations of this side dish (반찬) and though the most common crab used is the horseshoe crab (꽃게), others, including freshwater crabs, are utilized. Yang-nyeom (양념) is a spicy sauce which is very common on fried chicken.  Another version, kan-jang gejang (간장게장), marinates the crabs in soy sauce.

sweet and spicy

The sauce is sweet and spicy and the soft flesh of the crab is sucked out of the cut portions. I didn’t really like this the first few times I encountered it but it has an appeal and like many Korean foods, gradually grows on you.

well – at least it’s not alive!

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