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Kimchi Omelette – Fusion Kimchi

Posted in Food and Drink, Kimchi Gone Fusion, My Recipes by 노강호 on June 9, 2011

Key Features: easy and quick to cook, adaptable, Korean fusion, snack or fusion side dish

I’m constantly on a diet and freeze anything I might be tempted to eat when feeling peckish. So, one evening, feeling a little hungry I looked in the fridge to see what items might possibly make a quick snack. Five different pots of kimchi and a couple of eggs were all that confronted me.

So, I whisked two eggs and then added some chopped kimchi. The result was quite delicious.


1 cup = 180ml. T=tablespoon (15ml), d=dessert spoon (10ml) t=teaspoon (5ml) 

This recipe is ideal for one – double ingredients for each additional person


2 eggs beaten in a bowl

Half a cup of finely chopped kimchi

1t of sesame oil.

1t of sesame seeds

a little ordinary oil – just enough to stop the egg sticking to the pan

See variations and suggestions at the end of the recipe.


Frying pan and bowl


1. Fry the chopped kimchi for a few minutes in a little ordinary oil.

2. Fold kimchi into the beaten egg

3. Put the mixture back in the frying pan

4. Drizzle a little sesame oil and a sprinkle of sesame seeds just before turning the omelette.

Serve with a little tomato sauce or whatever takes your fancy.

kimchi omelette


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