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Snapping off in Seomun Market (서문시장)

Posted in Monday Market (Theme), Photo diary, Quintesentially Korean by 노강호 on May 7, 2011

It was Children’s Day and downtown would have simply been too crowded so I headed off to Daegu’s largest market, Seo -Mun (West Gate). It is enormous! The photos are dated April but were in fact taken on May 5th.

Ajummas eating lunch among dried fish

I found these extremely entertaining. Try explaining ‘tacky’ to a Korean!

an array of Kettles

Dried fish and ‘kim’ (김) – dried and toasted seaweed sheets

One of the alleys on the periphery of the market

a store owner who insisted on being photographed. The sheets of seaweed in the background are seen as beneficial for pregnant women.

a box of cinammon

dried ray fish

dried octopus

bags of bar snacks

rice cake

rice cake

and more rice cake…

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Street Vendors

Posted in Photo diary, seasons by 노강호 on December 10, 2010

One of the most common sights in Korea are the street vendors who peddle everything from snacks and vegetables, to meat, fish and bicycle repairs. There are many different kids of street vendors from the ones who travel around an area with a street market to people who pull up on the side of the road in small trucks from which goods are sold to the little old ladies who sit around towns with a selection of vegetables strewn  on a sheet on the ground.

I’m a total sucker for the old ladies and will often stop to buy something though I’m told they’re not poor. Last week, I saw a woman from whom I regularly buy spinach, unload her groundsheet from the back of a new range rover-type vehicle, probably owned by her son, and then start laying out her cabbages and lettuces.

the crossroad by my school where the Monday Morning market meets E-Mart

the grandmas are always laughing and a bottle of makalli (rice wine) is usually in the background

in the hear of Monday Morning market

This side streets specializes in vegetables, curd, and beansprouts

Late summer

The market directly outside my school

garlic in the Sunday market, the surrounding air was tainted with it’s smell

The street market outside Lavender Sauna, near Dong-Daegu KTX Station

in the rural town of Gor-Yang

cabbages in a more abundant season – winter 2008

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