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Interlude (6) The coolest chili -the ‘cucumber’ chili. 오이고추

Posted in Food and Drink, Interlude (Theme), Korean language, vegetables by 노강호 on November 15, 2010

Okay, this is a really tasty chili with absolutely minimal heat probably just a few steps up from the green paprika (green pepper). It is usually slightly lighter in colour than hotter chillies, long and fat and fairly juicy. Rather boring on its own, but instantly transformed if dipped in ssam-jang (쌈장).

the 'cucumber' chili (left) and hottest Korean chili (청량)

'cucumber chili' (오이고추) and bean paste (쌈장) - an excellent combination

Ssam-jang (쌈장) is widely available and is usually in a green container differentiating it from other pastes. It is is a great dip for otherwise boring ‘well-being’ snacks such as carrot or celery.

ssam-jang (쌈장)

As someone permanently struggling with Korean these are my notes on words and phrases I find useful and which are usually not in a dictionary.  Any amendments, recommendations or errors, please let me know.

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