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I Like my Girls in Knickers

Posted in bathhouse Ballads, Comparative, Korean Clothes by 노강호 on April 25, 2010

I hate girls in pink as much as I hate boys in blue.  Much of my hatred probably stems from  those pathetic toys like Barbie and My Little Pony. Parents who buy their daughters such toys are as irresponsible as those who hand their five-year old crotchless panties or a thong. Even though many women will defend their comfort, I would imagine thongs are as comfortable as high-heeled shoes in which you are forced to strut about like a chicken. You can’t run in them, you can’t stand up straight, they can be dangerous but you look so much more sexy now you’re two inches taller! As for thongs, I dread to think how they must look on a hot day after that gusset has been sawing about up a  sweaty crack like a length of arse floss. Fashion and comfort do not go hand in hand and if something is deemed ‘fashionable,’  all pain and discomfort will be tolerated in its pointless pursuit. In UK schools, a high percentage of teenage girls wear such degrading lingerie  and  I have seen evidence of such when girls have bent down. Conversely, I doubt few Korean girls under 18 wear them. Personally,  nothing looks more unattractive or more slutty than a thong or indeed a pair of men’s posing panties.  In the bedroom before a session I can go with but at all other times, keep them hidden! I like my girls in knickers, even those baggy blue ones girls were forced to wear for PE in the 60-70’s; the ones that looked like shapeless nappies. And my boys?  Boxers please! I recently wore a pair of boxers for too long and on one leg  a sort of thong developed. It was quite uncomfortable sometimes strangling my thigh like a tourniquet and at other times being consumed between my bum cheeks so, I know how it feels, girls; believe me!

My Boxer-thong.

Marmite anyone?

Ever since a few celebrity men wore pink a couple of years ago, including Peckham Beckham, who wore a pink scarf, it’s become an acceptable  colour for men.  All praise the gurus of fashion! Even kids in my classes have told me, that pink is now ‘in,’ in the UK. Of course, it’s been ‘in’ for quite awhile and for some it never went ‘out.’ I’ve worn a number of pink Ben Sherman shirts over the years but then I am forced to buy from the small selection available that fits me. I doubt I’ll wear pink now as it seems to have become a laddy-chavvy colour.  Until recently men could wear  pink as a statement of individuality,  which is of course, is exactly what Peckham Beckham did, probably on the orders of his wife who  as a talented singer and musician  is correspondingly an expert on fashion , design and  perfume, except that once adopted by the hoi polloi, it  becomes more of a uniform. Fashion is about conformity  more than individuality. If Peckham Beckham sported a turd on his head, a substantial number of the population would follow suit. Which reminds me, back in 2003, when living in Daegu, I had a pink baseball hat!

A Motorbike and pink - definitely a statement. But is she wearing a thong?

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  1. kinkylovetoys said, on December 26, 2010 at 8:30 am

    Thongs are comfortable Nick and are more hygenic than knickers in my opinion.


    UK sex shop

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