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Sports Afternoon in the King’s Head, Richmond

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Circa 1975. On a Wednesday afternoon, ‘sports afternoon,’ we (Taff Coleman, Woolie, Lofty, Pete Middleton, Daz, Adrian Dawson), used to go into Richmond. Adrian, Pete and Woolie had cars. Usually, we had pate and toast or a ploughman’s lunch in the King’s Head though if we were early and had not eaten in the barracks, we would eat in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants around the square. I remember a place that sold pork chops, gravy and mashed potato and the Bell Nook springs to mind, probably because of its name which we changed to ‘bell end.’ I think it may have been a pizza restaurant.

The quaint 'square' which gives Richmond, Yorkshire, so much of its character

Often, we’d then go to the auction room which was in one corner of the square near the Chinese take-away and Barclay’s Bank. We bought all sorts of things there, a piano, a Baby Belling cooker which consisted of one hotplate, a grill and a tiny oven, electric bar heaters etc. There was a friendly old lady who worked there who took a liking to us and would refer to us as ‘my boys.’ The auctions were held on a regular basis and I went to  a few and I remember the shop, which was stepped the further you went back into it, was enormous with all sorts of curiosities.

The King's Head, Richmond, Yorkshire - still there in 2006.

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  1. Harry Acton said, on February 5, 2012 at 6:55 am

    I know Bob Pochin and Brian Blake they were in Herford in the early 70’s my father was Harry Acton he was in the the band from the early 50;s he also played soccer for the regiment at this time along with Reg Bashford who was Brian blake s brother in law and John Shelley and some bloke called Eddie but I cannot remember his surname (Kettering ) but my dad is still alive and kicking he would be happy that the Band has not been forgotten Harry jr

    • 努江虎-노강호 said, on February 5, 2012 at 11:56 pm

      I think I might vaguely remember you because when I arrived in the band in 1973, in Munster, you were probably about 14. I know Bob Pochin and Brian Blake and remember Eddie Kettering who died about a year ago. I also know John Shelley. Most of them left within a year or two of my arriving as a youngster but I remember them well and their links with the past, the fifties and sixties fascinated me. They had come from an army that was quite different to the one I arrived in. And of course, some of them were not much younger than my father.

      Thanks for your response and best wishes to Harry Sn.

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