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DoS Disruption

Posted in Uncategorized by 노강호 on March 6, 2011


DoS attack

This week WordPress suffered a massive DoS (distributed denial of service) attack. At the same time the Korean government issued an alert after 29 South Korean ‘agencies’ were attacked including the Blue House and US military. Obtaining information on the WordPress attack is  hindered because it’s difficult to open any site which has ‘wordpress’ in the title. Yesterday I googled 5 sites using the title ‘blogger’ and all opened but out of 10 sites bearing the title  ‘wordpress,’ but not WordPress in the URL, only three would open and  then only after a substantial wait.

I am not able to access any WordPress blogs from the PC I normally use and that includes this blog and yet I can access them from a netbook using the same internet connection. I’m not sure if my problem is related to the DoS attack or the result of some firewall or security issue blocking my access which developed on the same day as the cyber attacks. Needless to say I spent 9 hours trying to resolve the problem before I even discovered there had been a DoS attack.

Time to make some backups in the event of a massive meltdown!


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