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Interlude (9) Wank

Posted in Interlude (Theme) by 노강호 on December 31, 2011

'wank' is very popular in Germany where Wankum, in North Rhine- Westphalia, is close to the municipality of Titz.

For many years the  word ‘wank,’ along with other obscenities with which British school kids are acquainted, such as ‘toss,’  or ‘bollocks,’  were absent from the American-English lexicon.  As a boy, I can remember being very amused at a Lost in Space episode in which featured a character named Captain Bollocks. British movies such as Austin Powers have since introduced such words to wider audiences and it would seem that in North America the term ‘wank’ is now commonly understood. For any reader unsure of the others terms, ‘bollocks’ is a slang term for testicles and ‘toss,’ is synonymous with ‘wank’ and it’s various other meanings.  For British people living in Korea, the Toss English Academy franchise is an amusing title. I did once try to explain to a bus driver for the Toss Academy near my one room, the amusing name of his school and ended up embarrassing myself (‘Toss English’ Bathouse Ballads June 2010).

‘Wank,’ like ‘fuck’ is a highly versatile but I have only ever heard the Korean equivalent,  ddal-dda-ri, (딸떨이) in a boys’ high school when it was often the response from others boys, when I asked someone what they’d done over a weekend or vacation

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