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DoS Disruption

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DoS attack

This week WordPress suffered a massive DoS (distributed denial of service) attack. At the same time the Korean government issued an alert after 29 South Korean ‘agencies’ were attacked including the Blue House and US military. Obtaining information on the WordPress attack is  hindered because it’s difficult to open any site which has ‘wordpress’ in the title. Yesterday I googled 5 sites using the title ‘blogger’ and all opened but out of 10 sites bearing the title  ‘wordpress,’ but not WordPress in the URL, only three would open and  then only after a substantial wait.

I am not able to access any WordPress blogs from the PC I normally use and that includes this blog and yet I can access them from a netbook using the same internet connection. I’m not sure if my problem is related to the DoS attack or the result of some firewall or security issue blocking my access which developed on the same day as the cyber attacks. Needless to say I spent 9 hours trying to resolve the problem before I even discovered there had been a DoS attack.

Time to make some backups in the event of a massive meltdown!


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Sports Afternoon in the King’s Head, Richmond

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Circa 1975. On a Wednesday afternoon, ‘sports afternoon,’ we (Taff Coleman, Woolie, Lofty, Pete Middleton, Daz, Adrian Dawson), used to go into Richmond. Adrian, Pete and Woolie had cars. Usually, we had pate and toast or a ploughman’s lunch in the King’s Head though if we were early and had not eaten in the barracks, we would eat in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants around the square. I remember a place that sold pork chops, gravy and mashed potato and the Bell Nook springs to mind, probably because of its name which we changed to ‘bell end.’ I think it may have been a pizza restaurant.

The quaint 'square' which gives Richmond, Yorkshire, so much of its character

Often, we’d then go to the auction room which was in one corner of the square near the Chinese take-away and Barclay’s Bank. We bought all sorts of things there, a piano, a Baby Belling cooker which consisted of one hotplate, a grill and a tiny oven, electric bar heaters etc. There was a friendly old lady who worked there who took a liking to us and would refer to us as ‘my boys.’ The auctions were held on a regular basis and I went to  a few and I remember the shop, which was stepped the further you went back into it, was enormous with all sorts of curiosities.

The King's Head, Richmond, Yorkshire - still there in 2006.

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A Man of Habit – Onigiri

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the onigiri logo

I’m a man of total habit! I eat the same evening meal for up to six months at a time  and can map out the last few years  and corresponding seasons in Daegu by the restaurants I’ve frequented and the meals ingested therein.  For the first six months I ate boiled pork (보쌈) before I started using a pork kimchi stew (김치찜) restaurant which is right next to my one room. I ate there for almost nine months. Next, it was the turn of pork cutlet (돈까스) but I didn’t stick to the same menu and flitted as my mood took me between pork cutlet filled with cheese or the curried version. In the area I live there are far too many restaurants that serve pork cutlet and an absence of Chinese style restaurants so during this period I ate the same meal in various locations including a very nice Japanese style restaurant that served the cutlet chopped on plain rice and topped with a raw egg.

pork cutlet (돈까스)

Next, I discovered ‘Mr Big;’ not really the place to experience Korean cooking and they have some very naughty additions which I usually avoid: almost English style chips served in the German manner, with mayonnaise, sausages that are almost like bratwurst and the most enormous battered onion rings made with real onion. I spent a good six months dining on their nasigoreng before moving onto carbonara.


When I arrived back in Korea after my 2010-2011 winter vacation, I ate carbonara in Mr Big and felt sick. Six months of eating it every evening had killed the passion and so I moved down the menu onto their pork cutlet which is very nice as it isn’t reconstituted and is made from a whole slab of real pork.

I generally read books during my dinner and if a recall one, I also recall the dinner that generally accompanied it: Robert Heinlein’s, Farnham’s Freehold, Rocketship Galeleo and Farmer in the Sky were all accompanied by nasigoreng while Dickens’ Hard Times was definitely carbonara. Their cabonara isn’t a totally Italian creation as I ask for it lazed with chili and the little burn it creates on my palate convinces me I’m not squandering my Korean experience. My current reading is Ben Bova’s, Venus and it quite suits a fat pork cutlet.

an array of sam-kak-bap (삼각밥)

Lunch times aren’t so restricted, often I cook a simple Korean meal or I eat kimbap (rice-roll) but recently I’ve been rather hooked on the new Onigiri (오니기리) store that has opened near my school. Onigiri is a Japanese ‘snack’ rather similar to sam-kak-bap (triangular rice) which is wrapped in toasted laver-bread and has a small filling. You can buy plastic moulds in supermarkets to make them at home and you can even buy even pre-cut laver-bread which wraps the rice in both a layer of laver and an outer layer of plastic to keep it fresh.  However, I’ve never mastered the procedure and can’t be bothered to follow the comic like instructions on the packet. These sam-kak-bap however, like the standard shop bought snack, are really snack size.

sam-kak-bap moulds

my local onigiri’s menu – eat in or take-away

The onigiri variety are more substantial and two definitely comprise lunch. Made to order, there is a choice of about 12 fillings including tuna and mayonnaise,  kimchi,  cheese, flying fish eggs and and tuna, and myeolchi (small dried fish) with walnuts and sesame oil. Onigiri are definitely worth trying and would probably be a hit back in the UK making a change from a boring lunchtime sandwich.


two of my favourites: tuna-mayo and cheese, flying fish eggs and tuna

dried anchovy, walnut and sesame oil…mmm…and relatively healthy

And if you’re the least interested in breakfast, I make tofu bean-paste stew most mornings but sometimes I could kill for an unhealthy English breakfast of fried bacon, bread and egg.

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Monday Market – Rice Cake (떡)

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Rice cake (떡), of which there is a variety, isn’t always to the westerners liking probably because it has what might be deemed a strange, elastic and chewy consistency. On my first encounter with rice cake I put the box aside but being a natural glutton I returned to it a little later and was subsequently hooked  by the third of fourth piece.

kyeong-dan rice cake (경단)

Kyeong-dan are covered in either yellow, brown or green powder though it doesn’t seem to alter the flavour. Inside they are filled with bean paste. I remember the first time I saw kyeong-dan, on the reception counter in my first school, I thought they were covered  in chocolate flakes and was quite disappointed when I then discovered it was ground bean.

ch’ap ssal ddoek (찹쌀떡)

Ch’ap ssal ddoek is very often coated in icing sugar but it can also be found coated in various other coloured powders. Soft and somewhat floppy, this rice cake is much less chewy than other types and is also stuffed with a bean paste.

soft and powdery

my favourite, song-byeon (송편)

Song-byeon is very popular during important festivals such as Lunar New Year and Chu’sok (autumn festival). The usual colours are pink, white and green, the green obtained from mugwort (쑥) but other colours are available but once again don’t really alter the flavour. Sometimes the white ones are almost translucent.  The most common sweet, soft centers for song-byeon are based on sesame seed oil or crushed sesame seeds. The combination of chewy rice cake and then the delicious, sweet and juicy center, make them an ideal festive treat.

a box of song-byeon

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Seasonal Chill Time

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chill time


Well, not exactly but I’ve reduced posts due to my being on holiday.


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Bathhouse Ballads at Facebook

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Bathhouse Ballads at Facebook

I’ve gradually learnt how to manipulate stuff around Facebook. All posts are now added to the Bathhouse Ballads at Facebook. Use the link in the side bar on the right, or click the icon above, to enter  Facebook site where you can follow posts.

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The Ice Cream Store – Calgary

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Sometime in the mid 1980’s we went to Calgary and stayed at a barracks in Calgary itself, as opposed Medicine Hat. We may have stayed in both locations, I’m not sure but we certainly stayed in a large barracks from which it was easy to get to town. A 15 minute or so walk from the barracks and there was an ice cream shop which sold the most amazing homemade ice-cream.

Calagary (198?) Eddy, Chris Wilkie, Lofty Elwood, Pete Middleton, Taff Coleman

This photo was passed to Facebook via ‘Smithy’ though I’m not sure if he took it. Those shorts certainly look severe and in the photo, far left, is Eddy. I’m sure Eddy wouldn’t mind me saying, but he was a man of contrasts; not the best looking of guys, in my  opinion but seemingly gifted with a golden tongue that could enamor him to the most beautiful of women – often in droves. And could he waffle!!!

Eddy could never control his spending and had blown all his money within a few days of arriving in Canada. Mick gave me a loan on his behalf and I had to accompany him to meals and pay from his ‘allowance’ and each day I had to give him pocket money. This forced Eddy into the role of a sort of prostitute and for the duration of the tour he would clean your boots, iron your tights and do almost any other job  to earn your loose change. Poor Eddy! We quite took advantage of his poverty and I can vaguely recall we made him do some shit jobs, not out of necessity but for entertainment. I can’t exactly recall , but I have a feeling Phil Watson was behind one or two. I remember Eddy would go to the PX, which was probably a 20 minute excursion in the heat of a prairie summer, to buy us coke or snacks and we would let him keep the change . So, one of our nasty entertainments was to compile a shopping list which left the most meager amount of change, and I mean like 10 cents, and see if he would go and get it – and poor Eddy would. And if that wasn’t humiliating enough, I remember Phil making him clean his boots as he lay on the bed wearing them.

This then reminds me of the night club I went into, when he was broke, and where he had meet a woman and temporarily moved in with her. She was an older woman and completely in love with ugly, no money Eddy. I recall we went back to her apartment where Eddy had made friends with her rather nasty cat – but that’s another story.

Can you add any more information or clarify anything which I can assimilate?

What was Eddy’s name?

Any details on him?


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Philip ‘Taff’ Coleman (Pen Portrait)

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Taff Coleman (details ?)

Service – 1976-92

Instrument – Euphonium

Final Rank – Staff Sergeant

Family – married Caroline in 198?, children Kyle, Lewis, Harriet. Re-married Oct 23 2010  (Janette)

Current Location Taff died Dec 1st 2010 (FTW)

Taff was born in South Wales in 1957.  Quite often we got to meet relatives of band members as they would visit but I don’t recall meeting his mother, (Thelma), father, or sisters (Shiela and Carol). This is a little surprising as Taff’s first marriage, to Caroline, was in Osnabrück, around 1982 (?) but I cannot remember his relatives from that occasion probably because my parents were visiting at the time. Indeed, my parents also attended his wedding.

He joined the army in 1974, and trained as a bandsman in Bovington where he was a Junior Leader. He joined the band in Catterick as a euphonium player around 1976 (?) replacing Robert ‘Foxy’ Fox, who was killed in a car accident in 1975-76(?). Shortly after arriving in Catterick, the regiment was posted for it’s lengthy stint in York Barracks, Osnabrück (West Germany).

Taff saw subsequent regimental posting to Tidworth (84-86 ?), Paderborn (86-?) and by the time he left the ranks, (1992) he was a Staff Sergeant.

When did Taff leave the regiment? I’m guessing around 1992?

Where were the band stationed after Paderborn (and the amalgamation) and when did they leave Paderborn?

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Call for Information on Taff Coleman

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I’m trying to compile some information on Taff. If you read his Epitaph, it’s clear that despite our friendship, I know little about anything other than his military life. Do you have any information on where he was born, spent his childhood, any old photographs, information about his parents, his life at Junior Leaders, his next of kin or children? Etc, etc.


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Trip to the Baron’s

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I’m selecting photographs with Taff in them and  linking them to his epitaph. If you have other photographs please forward them. I’d appreciate any information on this photo.

Trip to the Baron’s. Dougie Reed,  Bob Hallet, John Adye, Twiggie, Taff Coleman, Bob Pochin and Stevie Ruddock.

When this photo was taken, I remained in barracks getting ready for a taekwondo competition. I remember Martin (Hitler) was with me. Not too long after you all departed, we decided we should have gone and so set off to some forested place with a cavalry trumpet. The idea was to sound the regimental Call from somewhere in the forest and hope for a response. What a freaking dumb idea! The forest was enormous, as far as the eye could see. Naturally, the idea failed and we returned to camp. I think we missed out on a fantastic booze up. So, some questions.

Who took the photo?

I estimate this trip to have been around 1978?

Who went?

What memories do you have?

What was happening in the photograph

Do you have any other photographs from this trip?

What does a Baron  look like? I always wanted to meet one.

What was the Baron’s name and where did he reside?

What was Twiggie’s first name? His real one?


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